UE Projects

Photovoltaic micro installation

Anneberg Transpol Int. Limited Liability Company is implementing a project entitled “Photovoltaic micro installation Anneberg Transpol Int. Sp. z o. o. ” with a value of PLN 221,554.00, co-financed by the European Union under Measure 3.1 of the Regional Operational Program – Lubuskie 2020. The contribution of European Funds is PLN 89,900.00.

Goals of project realisation

The objectives of the project are to build a PV farm, produce electricity from a clean and renewable energy source, create a local energy source and disperse energy sources, increase the share of renewable energy in the energy balance, increase energy efficiency, reduce the burden of electricity production for the natural environment (reducing emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere), development of business activity and profit, fulfillment of obligations under the EU Accession Treaty (share of renewable energy in the energy balance) and improvement of energy security.

Effects of project

The main effects of the project will be the creation of a PV installation with a capacity of 49.715 kWp, which will produce annually about 46.5 MWh of electricity per year. This energy will replace energy produced in conventional sources, which will mean a reduction of CO2 emissions by approx. 37.479 kg/year.