Transport of volume cargo/packed goods

For several years, Anneberg has been dealing with distribution and transport of liquid chemical goods (AdBlue) to well-known European distributors.

Transport of volume cargo/packed goods

The transport of volume cargo, partial and full truck loads, with our taut liners is our standard service. We make this carriages these transports with our trailers which can be loaded from the roof, the side and the back. We own standard taut liners and XL-code certified taut liners (2.78 m high). We transport parts, raw materials and finished goods. Mainly: Machines, paper, automotive parts, chemicals, waste and all other common things. Annenberg’s taut liners make transports all over the Europe. Our main directions are Germany, Great Britain, Benelux, Italy and Greece. We own a couple of dozen trucks with taut liners which are equipped with modern satellite equipment to have full control on cargo transported for our clients. All of them are also able to transport dangerous goods according to ADR convention and have the possibility to transport under TIR.

We transport:

Our offer:

Anneberg’s trucks with tarpaulin trailers you can meet on the roads of all Europe, mainly Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Greece. We also carry out transports between third countries.

Spatial loads

Transportation of spatial cargo, also partially, with tarpaulin trailers


Dozens of Standard 13,6 m tarpaulin trailers with side, rear and top loading allow for the transport of any packed goods, including ADR as well. The transported loads are raw materials for production finished products too.


Length 13.65 m, width 2.48 m, height 2.70 m Loading capacity: 92 m3


Transports of ADR products and waste (including hazardous waste).

Dedicated transport

At the client's request, we organize dedicated means of transport, e.g. with the company's logo on the tanker

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With us you’re safe!

All our trucks are equipped with telematics system TRANSICS which allows us to monitor allowing monitoring the position of the truck and transport 24/7. According to conditions of insurance policy, Anneberg Transpol is covered by carrier and forwarder liability insurance by the German insurance company Oskar Schunk. – The insurer’s liability limit is 2.500.000,00 EUR

Roman Miłkowski
Director of Land Transports

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Tomasz Kowalski
The Sales Director

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Alona Duchnowska
Freight forwarder

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